1. #tbt Mac & Chz & Greens w/ @nesslepoulain

  2. #diadelosmotos (at Point Reyes Light House)

  4. #diadelosmotos (at Equator Coffee and Teas)

  5. @imogenocide

  6. @jasonstryker

  7. Showtime orders 9 new episodes of Twin Peaks. Mark Frost and David Lynch are writing every episode. David Lynch is directing every episode. I remember being six years old and watching Twin Peaks when it first aired. It was one of the earliest memories I have where somehow an artist was able to make such a clear impression that I actually thought about the fact that there could be a singular vision behind storytelling, and that everything you see and hear is being crafted by people making creative choices. As a kid, this was mind blowing. And the fact that this happened in 1989, on prime time television, is astounding to this day. And the fact that I remember, almost 25 years ago, Laura telling Agent Cooper she would see him again in 25 years, and that this actually is happening in reality, is a bizarre parallel-universe circumstance totally befitting the show and hopefully the signal of an amazing 9 episodes

  8. 💀 (at Lucas Valley Road)

  9. #tbt #motorcycle shot from the bed of a truck with a #canon 100-400mm (at Laurel Canyon)

  10. oxcroft:

    // Trip to the Beach //
    // KevinRochePhotography //
    // gallery.oxcroft.com //

  11. Shouts out to Walgreens thermometers. I’ve been faceplated by the worst cold I’ve ever had where I got so weak I fell on the ground just trying to walk across my apartment. Not running a fever today for the first time in a while. Hopefully returning to normal life soon (and catching up on work) 😷😷😷 (at a Hovel of Sickness)

  12. @pyrokittens actual new office #modern (at Piston and Chain)

  13. @biltwell 👉 your steeze? Good times shooting with @brandonwurtz & @emilywurtz over the weekend (at Los Angeles, CA)

  14. Skitching in Los Angeles


  15. LA vibe @jasonstryker @imogenocide (at Los Angeles, CA)