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  2. Shouts out to Walgreens thermometers. I’ve been faceplated by the worst cold I’ve ever had where I got so weak I fell on the ground just trying to walk across my apartment. Not running a fever today for the first time in a while. Hopefully returning to normal life soon (and catching up on work) šŸ˜·šŸ˜·šŸ˜· (at a Hovel of Sickness)

  3. @pyrokittens actual new office #modern (at Piston and Chain)

  4. @biltwell šŸ‘‰ your steeze? Good times shooting with @brandonwurtz & @emilywurtz over the weekend (at Los Angeles, CA)

  5. Skitching in Los Angeles


  6. LA vibe @jasonstryker @imogenocide (at Los Angeles, CA)

  7. Brandon & Emily for Levi’sĀ®


  8. Jason & Imogen for Levi’sĀ®.


  9. Glad to have run into my girls tonight #caliente @melisa415 @bailar78 (at Piston and Chain)

  10. I shot this still while I was making a video for @levis that I’m really proud of. Shout out to @imogenocide @brandonwurtz @emilywurtz @jasonstryker for pulling together something awesome with me. Missing LA right now. #losangeles #LA #dtla #levis #canon #5d #mkiii (at Los Angeles, CA)

  11. Pretty rad how my car broke down on the freeway coming back from LA (at Downtown San Leandro)

  12. #Selfie (at Topanga Beach PCH)

  13. #motorcycle #honda #custom @brandonwurtz #losangeles #silverlake (at Silver Lake, Los Angeles)

  14. @emilywurtz @brandonwurtz (at Hollywood Boulevard)

  15. Coffee @brandonwurtz (at City of Pasadena)